fredag 26. februar 2010


So now i am in Italy for the River jump in livigno.. the slope on wednesday didnt go that well but today its the real river jump.. we tested it yesterday, wasn´t that great, and today its dumping so who knows how this will turn out.. i´ll let you know later how it goes.. sorry about a little break on the updates but im back now..:) i took pictures so i will find a cable and upload a bunch of them..

later K

tirsdag 23. februar 2010

Burton Maxit big Air

here is the vid from my rins in the final at hafjell last weekend,, i got first:)

tirsdag 16. februar 2010


torsdag 4. februar 2010

Game of S.U.C.K

Game Of SUCK Marko Grilc and Kim Rune Hansen 2010 from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.

Game of S.U.C.K on TWS

me and Grilo did a game of suck in Laax for the Camp of champions and here is the Video on Transworld snowboarding.. check it out HERE ,, i will also post the Video on the Blog..