onsdag 30. desember 2009

Christmas shred in Trysil

Me and Kimmi have been shredding for a few days in Trysil now. Insane snow conditions, great park and a lot of fun. It's been so freakin' cold.. -20 and more the last couple of days, so it's been cold but all good. Two days ago i did this little thing with Trysil TV that will be posted in the nearest future. Check out some of the photos Trysil photographer Ola Matsson took of me and Kimmi below. Merry christmas everybody, hope you had a great holiday!!

onsdag 23. desember 2009


hey.. its christmas time and i am back in Norway.. dew tour ended with none of us in the finals, but Torstein got 4h amd Mikkel got 9th.. so i am stoked for them.. also Roger and freddy did pretty good in pipe, and congrats to Roger who got down his first double cork cab 10 in a contest..

Today its the 24th and we all know what that means.. Presents for the Norwegians and none for the people who opens them tomorrow morning.. hehe, i am going to my cabin in trysil to chill with the fam, meet up with Botner, mats Joachim and everyone, i heard my friend Maruis witch is in charge of the park there now that its really good.. so im looking forward to shred with my buddies,

I also got a go from scullcandy with winnings so we are gonna have some contests here now where you can win scullcandy headsphones.. so keep checking and it will be coming up soon..

have a great christmas everyone..
later kimmi

fredag 18. desember 2009

Dew tour day one

first day was open qualifiers Ulrik and marius made it thru, but me and the other guys struggled... for the second run it was snowing really bad and to slow for the last jump.. but hopefully ulrik and marius does well.. and Mikkel and torstein is already in finals, while andreas wiig is in for the semi with ulrik and marius..


torsdag 17. desember 2009

Christmas lightning

hehe LA fresh

onsdag 16. desember 2009


sick biker!!!

Dew tour is on!

Dew tour in breck is on and we are compeeting for 9 spots tomorrow... check out later for updates and results..

søndag 13. desember 2009

Breckenridge expanding

The Breck park is starting to take shape and some new features have been added, such as 3 more jumps and 2 more rails.. Really fun and good times shredding with the bøøst crew.
The next couple of days we will film some and put together a montage for your entertainment.
Meanwhile just checkout a little something-nothing from yesterday:


hahahaha Mr bean playing invisible drums


a sick kard builder.

Amazing mouth sounds.. haha

virus on windows

sick builder from Germany

fredag 11. desember 2009


Now this page has a .Com so if its hard to remember the adress, the New one is www.boost-life.com since we cant use øø in the name.. but you can still use the old link.. aswell..


torsdag 10. desember 2009


we have been riding alot lately but the past days it has been freeezing here... so cold.. but its getting warmer now and breck already got 6 jumps open, witch is pretty cool. so tomorrow we are gonna film and you´ll get a vid to watch..
when it has been cold we have ben hanging out at this place called woodward. its a big ass building with a bowl, mini ramp, snowjumps to foam pit and 6 trampolines with foam pits and you can do whatever you want double flips, tripple flips and more.. today we went there with my friend Jossi and hade a skate session.. pretty dope.

anyway.. check later for more updates and videos..

tirsdag 8. desember 2009

Freddy at Woodward!!

check out freddy austbø taking home the first place at woodwad bowl Jam..

lørdag 5. desember 2009

Who won air & style..

My brother, good friend and PIC.. congrats with air & stye.. from Me Ulrik and Joachim..

now you can finally buy this car.. haha..

torsdag 3. desember 2009

Game of "BØØST LIFE"

Just the other day the Bøøst crew (Kim, Ulrik and me) were in Breckenridge right when the lifts opened to shred and have a good time. On our way up in the lift we came up with a game called "The game of BØØST LIFE", a legit rip off of the game of S.K.A.T.E with some modified rules.

Each round of BØØST LIFE consists of a railpart and a jump part. The first rider comes up with a jump line (for an example fs 360 melon, bs 540 nose, cab 540 mute) and then all participating riders drops in, trying to complete the decided line, and if something is not done right, like handdrag, revert, missed/wrong grab the dude gets smacked with a letter BOOM! You're now "B" sucker. The rider that came up with the line can of course also get a letter.

One can only get ONE letter per line and if you miss your grab on the first jump, it doesn't matter if you stick your last tricks like crazy, you will still get a letter.

Same with the rail line, if you miss out on one of the tricks you'll get a letter.
In the end when one rider reaches all letters BØØST LIFE, rider is out and then one with the fewest letters is crowned the prestigous, respected and epic winner of the game of BØØST LIFE.

We had insane much fun coming up with this game and we all learned a bunch of new tricks and grabs that we've never done before. Awesome day in Breckenridge and the birth of an epic game that will last longer than the universe, a new era has begun and it's all bøøøøøøøst.

Try out the game with your friends, the Bøøst crew garantee you a good time riding!


onsdag 2. desember 2009

Newest member to Bøøst life....

Joachim Krogstie is the newest member of our little crew Bøøst life. so we are now, me Kimmi, Ulrik and Joachim.

Joachim is a pretty sick rider and we have been good friends since we where little shitkids playing soccer at the same team at age 6 to 14, but now we are riding snowboard which is way better..
Joachim is also Invited for arctic challange this year so hopefully he will do good.. now i am done talking about him but he is gonna post here so he can talk about himself and what he does..
so hopefully he is gonna be a little better to post then Ulrik, so you guys get some shit to read.