onsdag 30. desember 2009

Christmas shred in Trysil

Me and Kimmi have been shredding for a few days in Trysil now. Insane snow conditions, great park and a lot of fun. It's been so freakin' cold.. -20 and more the last couple of days, so it's been cold but all good. Two days ago i did this little thing with Trysil TV that will be posted in the nearest future. Check out some of the photos Trysil photographer Ola Matsson took of me and Kimmi below. Merry christmas everybody, hope you had a great holiday!!

onsdag 23. desember 2009


hey.. its christmas time and i am back in Norway.. dew tour ended with none of us in the finals, but Torstein got 4h amd Mikkel got 9th.. so i am stoked for them.. also Roger and freddy did pretty good in pipe, and congrats to Roger who got down his first double cork cab 10 in a contest..

Today its the 24th and we all know what that means.. Presents for the Norwegians and none for the people who opens them tomorrow morning.. hehe, i am going to my cabin in trysil to chill with the fam, meet up with Botner, mats Joachim and everyone, i heard my friend Maruis witch is in charge of the park there now that its really good.. so im looking forward to shred with my buddies,

I also got a go from scullcandy with winnings so we are gonna have some contests here now where you can win scullcandy headsphones.. so keep checking and it will be coming up soon..

have a great christmas everyone..
later kimmi

fredag 18. desember 2009

Dew tour day one

first day was open qualifiers Ulrik and marius made it thru, but me and the other guys struggled... for the second run it was snowing really bad and to slow for the last jump.. but hopefully ulrik and marius does well.. and Mikkel and torstein is already in finals, while andreas wiig is in for the semi with ulrik and marius..


torsdag 17. desember 2009

Christmas lightning

hehe LA fresh

onsdag 16. desember 2009


sick biker!!!

Dew tour is on!

Dew tour in breck is on and we are compeeting for 9 spots tomorrow... check out later for updates and results..

søndag 13. desember 2009

Breckenridge expanding

The Breck park is starting to take shape and some new features have been added, such as 3 more jumps and 2 more rails.. Really fun and good times shredding with the bøøst crew.
The next couple of days we will film some and put together a montage for your entertainment.
Meanwhile just checkout a little something-nothing from yesterday:


hahahaha Mr bean playing invisible drums


a sick kard builder.

Amazing mouth sounds.. haha

virus on windows

sick builder from Germany

fredag 11. desember 2009


Now this page has a .Com so if its hard to remember the adress, the New one is www.boost-life.com since we cant use øø in the name.. but you can still use the old link.. aswell..


torsdag 10. desember 2009


we have been riding alot lately but the past days it has been freeezing here... so cold.. but its getting warmer now and breck already got 6 jumps open, witch is pretty cool. so tomorrow we are gonna film and you´ll get a vid to watch..
when it has been cold we have ben hanging out at this place called woodward. its a big ass building with a bowl, mini ramp, snowjumps to foam pit and 6 trampolines with foam pits and you can do whatever you want double flips, tripple flips and more.. today we went there with my friend Jossi and hade a skate session.. pretty dope.

anyway.. check later for more updates and videos..

tirsdag 8. desember 2009

Freddy at Woodward!!

check out freddy austbø taking home the first place at woodwad bowl Jam..

lørdag 5. desember 2009

Who won air & style..

My brother, good friend and PIC.. congrats with air & stye.. from Me Ulrik and Joachim..

now you can finally buy this car.. haha..

torsdag 3. desember 2009

Game of "BØØST LIFE"

Just the other day the Bøøst crew (Kim, Ulrik and me) were in Breckenridge right when the lifts opened to shred and have a good time. On our way up in the lift we came up with a game called "The game of BØØST LIFE", a legit rip off of the game of S.K.A.T.E with some modified rules.

Each round of BØØST LIFE consists of a railpart and a jump part. The first rider comes up with a jump line (for an example fs 360 melon, bs 540 nose, cab 540 mute) and then all participating riders drops in, trying to complete the decided line, and if something is not done right, like handdrag, revert, missed/wrong grab the dude gets smacked with a letter BOOM! You're now "B" sucker. The rider that came up with the line can of course also get a letter.

One can only get ONE letter per line and if you miss your grab on the first jump, it doesn't matter if you stick your last tricks like crazy, you will still get a letter.

Same with the rail line, if you miss out on one of the tricks you'll get a letter.
In the end when one rider reaches all letters BØØST LIFE, rider is out and then one with the fewest letters is crowned the prestigous, respected and epic winner of the game of BØØST LIFE.

We had insane much fun coming up with this game and we all learned a bunch of new tricks and grabs that we've never done before. Awesome day in Breckenridge and the birth of an epic game that will last longer than the universe, a new era has begun and it's all bøøøøøøøst.

Try out the game with your friends, the Bøøst crew garantee you a good time riding!


onsdag 2. desember 2009

Newest member to Bøøst life....

Joachim Krogstie is the newest member of our little crew Bøøst life. so we are now, me Kimmi, Ulrik and Joachim.

Joachim is a pretty sick rider and we have been good friends since we where little shitkids playing soccer at the same team at age 6 to 14, but now we are riding snowboard which is way better..
Joachim is also Invited for arctic challange this year so hopefully he will do good.. now i am done talking about him but he is gonna post here so he can talk about himself and what he does..
so hopefully he is gonna be a little better to post then Ulrik, so you guys get some shit to read.

fredag 27. november 2009


After a pretty good weekend in Vierli me and Ulrik flew out to the US, and ended up in Salt Lake City, where we found my car and Louies house... we chilled for a couple days, upgraded the soundsystem in my car, and had a wonderful first thanksgiving with the Vito´s.. there was alot of really good food and it was a really fun day, we played some cornhall but it was a bit cold, so we went in and Linn screwed us all over with these drinking games, but she lost the most..

Today we went up Park city to ride and we only got 4 runs in 2 hours cause of all the people but it was alot of fun anyway.. now we are still jet legged so its bedtime..


lørdag 21. november 2009

Vierli shit weather!

Sooo this contest is not having the best luck with the weather.. the training days we had really good conditions but now the wind is to strong and its all ice.. so its prosponed..

and Petter Kristiansen is looking for the good weather...

fredag 20. november 2009


Hey you all... Now i am in a little place called Vierli and as you see on the pic,, its in the middle of no where.. But Swag is arranging a contest here called Swag Maxit and its a slopestyle event with 3 spots for the Arctic challange.

there is alot of riders here and its raining but i think it will be a pretty sick weekend anyway, there is a small slope with 4 rail and 2 kickers and a t bar so you get a hundred lapa a day..

ulrik got a new haicut

and freddy Austbø bought a town..

onsdag 18. november 2009

Last day in Innsbruck

Today we woke up to poring rain and thought yeah we are not riding today, but Sani came and picked me up so I went riding anyway and I am glad I did. Cause today we where riding with all the Buron reps from all over europe testing out the new boards for 2011, and I figured out what boards I am gonna ride and I am stoked. Cause before I never tested boards, I just got the same as I had the year before. And also on the mountain it was not raining but snowing bigtime, and after a couple hours it cleared up and we got some pretty good turns in some fresh snow:) then down, got changed slept on the plane to vienna where I was supose to only have 30 mins, but now the flight got delayed so now I got time to write.

Flying home at 9 pm and then tomorrow I will go to Vierli for the Swag Maxit slopestyle :)

tirsdag 17. november 2009

Epic night in Innsbruck:)

Hey all readers.. this was a crazy night.
And it all started with us all going to dinner after some meetings and stuff, Hasi, steffi and Cyril took us out to this reallycool restaurant it was like a bufeet eat as much as you want with sushi, all kinds of meat and fish raw and uncooked veggies and you just put on a plate whatever you want and then they cook it for you whatever style you choose.. so we all eat soo much and then Gabe hooked us all up with some snaps.. it wasnt to good..

after dinner we all went to play bowling, and it was alot of fun, my team won the first round and then it went downhill from there and espessially when in the last round, Sani got 250 points with 10 strikes.. unbeliveble..

and the bowling alley gave him a free beer for his good work in making all those pins fall..

after the loss in bowling and grilos pants getting big holes, we went to the bar weekender with everyone and also meet up with some of the US burton reps.. it ended up with some bottles of vodka and alot of dancing, watching a consert and just a really good time with alot of good people..

then this picture pretty much speaks for it self, Grilo pulling this pose and i am lucky and get those good colors in there,, it made my night.. :)

the band that played was some sweedish guys that i dont remember the name of but it was really good, kinda indy rock with a couple chill songs and some alittle more rough. i really enjoied that its always so much fun at conserts, when everyone is super into it and ust diggin the music.

Gabe hit out on the dance floor

cyril pulled some dance moves:)

and these guys i have no clue about, but they where makin out everywhere and i just had to take a picture,

and maurer gettin some love from his girlfriend Laura.

Now the night is over and i had so much fun and i will remember this one.. the day after we went up to stubai for some snowboarding and now me and grilo are just chilling in the hotel, getting ready for bed.

and just tell all your friends to come here and read check out pictures and see what me and all my friends are doing..

mandag 16. november 2009

Sales meetings..

today me and some other guys on the burton team where a little outside Innsbruck for some sales meetings.. and i gotta say even though it was a really long day i am stoked to hae been ther, and seen how everything is learned about the product and all that kind of stuff.. so i am pretty stoked, and i got some new stuff:)

Now it is time to go to diner and then we are gonna go bowling later on..

søndag 15. november 2009

check out this guy......

Lately and now!

Soo its been a while now.. just realised why.. cause the other day i was editing photos and when i got internet i was gonna post something. and then it took forever to uplode the pics so i figured the conection was bad. and tried different places. but now i realised that i forgot to make the pics smaller so thats why i couldnt upload them.. what a rookie haha..

but anyway since i havent posted anything lately i have some catching up to do.. and after London i flew straight to Costa Blanca in Spain to visit my grandfather, and chilled for a couple days with my dad. it was really good, it was warm and good weather, we had some really nice dinners and went to the casino for a night. Then on friday morning we packed up the rental and drove 500 km to Barcelona where there was going to be a World cup for the weekend. i came there and it was amazing. the jump was in the middle of the olympic stadium and the crowed was super good the started screaming when the first guy did a 360 so you can emagine a fullpacked stadium with spanish people when ulrik did a double frontflip..

after barcelona we flew home and i went and got more done to my tattoo so not i kinda have a sleeve, just need to shaddow it all up cause its mostly outlines. but Morten at Lucky 7 in Oslo is doing an amazing job with it all and its also opening a new tattoo studio inmy home town Hamar called lucky 7 aswell and its a friend of my guy witch is really good too. so finally we got a good one in Hamar..
well now i am gonna chill here at Vienna airport and i am gonna try and update mere often now hopefully everyday.. and maybe have some contests or something so you guys can win shit and it will be more fun your you guys to read whats going on and also more fun for me to write..

here is pics from my last trip..

tirsdag 3. november 2009

Good weekend in London

We all went to London this weekend for the Freeze competition and the FIS world cup.
we arrived on thursday and went shopping a little bit, then friday, saturday and sunday was competition days..
friday was the freeze head to head witch didnt go to well for me and ulrik but gjermund got 2nd after Finnish little Roope..

saturday was the Fis world cup and I didnt qualifi, neither did marko and chris but we had 4 norwegians, Ulrik, Gjermund, Sondre and Morten.. they all kinda fell and ended up from 7th til 10th.. but they for sure went for it and made a good show for everyone..
and then we all partyed on saturday with conserts and free drinks at the event and then to this club called the fabric witch was insane. it was the biggest most techno filled club i have ever seen and ofcourse it was going off on halloween.. so a good night i would say..

then for sunday we where supose to have this team event and a rail jam. cause of all the rain and wind the night before they had no snow for the team jam so we only had the railjam in the evening witch was pretty fun.. I got 2nd and best trick and ulrik got 1st and crowed pleaser so we both got two new phones each..

Now i am already in spain chilling with my dad and my grandfather and on friday i drive up to barcelona and meet up with all the boys again for the world cup there on saturday:)

here is some pictures from London


me and silje

ulrik and gjermund

ulrik and grilo

Ulrik, the suit, chris and grilo

the jump

and the London cabs..

søndag 1. november 2009

Grilo the king of Slovenia

The Grilo is dreaming big!!!

torsdag 29. oktober 2009


Now we are in London for the world cup and the LG freeze competition.. and me, ulrik, grilo and a finnish kid are sharing a tiny room with bunk beds. pretty lame.. but anyway, we rolled in today and went shopping at topshop and had some food now its rime to chill..
ulrik needed help to buy a subway ticket.. hehe

ulrik in town


mandag 26. oktober 2009

Austria again!

After my last trip to austria and hintertux i went home for a week, Hung out with my friends and family, partyed a little and went to the gym. Then i talked to Cyril and he said come back to Austria. so i came.

Landed in Munich Airport and there i found a wall that i know Jørgen would kill to have at his bedroom.. yes a BWM front wall.

then at the trainstation i had to wait for my train so i figured i´ll try and get a nice picture of the tracks. and i was almost in Jenbach where i was gonna get picked up.

I went riding in Hintertux for two days and then i came to innsbruck for another two days to do a lifestyle shoot and have fun and also an interview. after the shoot I took, Hasi, Linn, Gril, MU, Hitch and Andro out for dinner, and since i was paying MU got the whole menu, hehe. anyway it was an amazing dinner with alot of fun I even ended up drawing the whole World, or atleas i tried to.

here is cyril in shoot mode

and grilo in Model mode

and MU, well i dont know what mode this is...

after the two days in innsbruck i went back to hintertux to just find shit weather for two days, so i decided to go to stubai for saturday night and sunday cause it was supose to be good up there and it was, super fun park and it was also Nina´s B-day so it was a party on saturday too, with drunken Masters playing all night..

now its time for hotel breakfest and a flight back home to Norway before i have to go to London on thursday..

torsdag 8. oktober 2009

Good week...

This last week in Innsbruck and Hintertux has been pretty awsome..

it started of with the Burton premiere witch I bet all of you have read about already, and I also gotta learn to take pics like that for the premiere in Oslo tomorrow.. witch everyone should attend.
anyway, after the premiere I got picked up at the hotell to go to Hintertux and meet up with Chris and Grilo, and on the way we got stopped on the road of all these people taking there cows down from the mountain, it´s this tradition up here, and they dress up the cows and follow them down the streets form the mountains for winter and then they all go and get Hammered..
and this is what the cows look like!!!

After seeing the cows and finally getting to hintertux we got to the hotell I mentioned we stayed there for two nights, and guess what.. Up in the mountains of austria i ran into my good friend Jossi from New Zealand.. small world.
but back to the story of my week, so we shredded for a couple days, then Grilo had mad shit to do back home in slovenia and Chris wanned back to stockholm to chill before Freestyle Berlin witch is this weekend. So I took the train back to Innsbruck and when i got there i was so stoked cause i was sitting outside the trainstation waiting for the bus to the Burton office and it was 25 degrees hot and these two homeless dudes where playin there guitar and singing while everyone walking to and from school, work or just walking around innsbruck where super happy, It´s good to see people still enjoing the last bit of summer. untill the police came and thru the homeless guys away and ruined the good tention for everyone. But then my bus came anyway so I took it ofer to the burton office where everyone was having cake casue it was Hasi´s birthday on sunday. i chlled there for a little then me and Cyril went to the skatepark and met up with Sani for a little session then Sani took me home to his place where i stayed for the week..

burton office!
after dinner and a guitar hero session I found out MU ( Maurer) where coming in to town, so he came and picked me up for riding in teh morning the next days up in hintertux, where i met Botner, Evensen and alot of other buddies and we all just shredded in the super warm weather and had a good time..

27..... i am so not looking forward for Norway witch is the minus side already..
anyway, the coolest thing this week was wednesday night, Sani and his friends took me to this super sick bar where Surfaholics where playing, and it was a really good consert, I never heard of the band before but it was sick live. and then we stayed there for some drinks before we moved on to the next place..

the band
and yeah moving on, we went to this other bar witch was packed of people witch i didnt really expect, but i enjoied it.. so we all hung there for a while and had some more drinks, got a little bit drunk and when the lights came on at two and the bar was closing i was expecting a walk home, but NO.. offcourse there was more bars, and as i learned, in Innsbruck you can party 24/7 all year, cause they have a bar everyone goes to for each day of the week and some of them are open to noon the next day.. pretty crazy, but anyway we went downstairs to this club and on a wednesday night when people got work and school the next day, and i was a huge club filled with people partying, dancing, drinking, making out and just having a great time. so we found some of Sani´s friends who decided to buy two bottles of vodka so you can all guess how it turned out..

but the coolest thing all night was this:

the toilet!