tirsdag 3. november 2009

Good weekend in London

We all went to London this weekend for the Freeze competition and the FIS world cup.
we arrived on thursday and went shopping a little bit, then friday, saturday and sunday was competition days..
friday was the freeze head to head witch didnt go to well for me and ulrik but gjermund got 2nd after Finnish little Roope..

saturday was the Fis world cup and I didnt qualifi, neither did marko and chris but we had 4 norwegians, Ulrik, Gjermund, Sondre and Morten.. they all kinda fell and ended up from 7th til 10th.. but they for sure went for it and made a good show for everyone..
and then we all partyed on saturday with conserts and free drinks at the event and then to this club called the fabric witch was insane. it was the biggest most techno filled club i have ever seen and ofcourse it was going off on halloween.. so a good night i would say..

then for sunday we where supose to have this team event and a rail jam. cause of all the rain and wind the night before they had no snow for the team jam so we only had the railjam in the evening witch was pretty fun.. I got 2nd and best trick and ulrik got 1st and crowed pleaser so we both got two new phones each..

Now i am already in spain chilling with my dad and my grandfather and on friday i drive up to barcelona and meet up with all the boys again for the world cup there on saturday:)

here is some pictures from London


me and silje

ulrik and gjermund

ulrik and grilo

Ulrik, the suit, chris and grilo

the jump

and the London cabs..

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