søndag 15. november 2009

Lately and now!

Soo its been a while now.. just realised why.. cause the other day i was editing photos and when i got internet i was gonna post something. and then it took forever to uplode the pics so i figured the conection was bad. and tried different places. but now i realised that i forgot to make the pics smaller so thats why i couldnt upload them.. what a rookie haha..

but anyway since i havent posted anything lately i have some catching up to do.. and after London i flew straight to Costa Blanca in Spain to visit my grandfather, and chilled for a couple days with my dad. it was really good, it was warm and good weather, we had some really nice dinners and went to the casino for a night. Then on friday morning we packed up the rental and drove 500 km to Barcelona where there was going to be a World cup for the weekend. i came there and it was amazing. the jump was in the middle of the olympic stadium and the crowed was super good the started screaming when the first guy did a 360 so you can emagine a fullpacked stadium with spanish people when ulrik did a double frontflip..

after barcelona we flew home and i went and got more done to my tattoo so not i kinda have a sleeve, just need to shaddow it all up cause its mostly outlines. but Morten at Lucky 7 in Oslo is doing an amazing job with it all and its also opening a new tattoo studio inmy home town Hamar called lucky 7 aswell and its a friend of my guy witch is really good too. so finally we got a good one in Hamar..
well now i am gonna chill here at Vienna airport and i am gonna try and update mere often now hopefully everyday.. and maybe have some contests or something so you guys can win shit and it will be more fun your you guys to read whats going on and also more fun for me to write..

here is pics from my last trip..

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