tirsdag 17. november 2009

Epic night in Innsbruck:)

Hey all readers.. this was a crazy night.
And it all started with us all going to dinner after some meetings and stuff, Hasi, steffi and Cyril took us out to this reallycool restaurant it was like a bufeet eat as much as you want with sushi, all kinds of meat and fish raw and uncooked veggies and you just put on a plate whatever you want and then they cook it for you whatever style you choose.. so we all eat soo much and then Gabe hooked us all up with some snaps.. it wasnt to good..

after dinner we all went to play bowling, and it was alot of fun, my team won the first round and then it went downhill from there and espessially when in the last round, Sani got 250 points with 10 strikes.. unbeliveble..

and the bowling alley gave him a free beer for his good work in making all those pins fall..

after the loss in bowling and grilos pants getting big holes, we went to the bar weekender with everyone and also meet up with some of the US burton reps.. it ended up with some bottles of vodka and alot of dancing, watching a consert and just a really good time with alot of good people..

then this picture pretty much speaks for it self, Grilo pulling this pose and i am lucky and get those good colors in there,, it made my night.. :)

the band that played was some sweedish guys that i dont remember the name of but it was really good, kinda indy rock with a couple chill songs and some alittle more rough. i really enjoied that its always so much fun at conserts, when everyone is super into it and ust diggin the music.

Gabe hit out on the dance floor

cyril pulled some dance moves:)

and these guys i have no clue about, but they where makin out everywhere and i just had to take a picture,

and maurer gettin some love from his girlfriend Laura.

Now the night is over and i had so much fun and i will remember this one.. the day after we went up to stubai for some snowboarding and now me and grilo are just chilling in the hotel, getting ready for bed.

and just tell all your friends to come here and read check out pictures and see what me and all my friends are doing..

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