onsdag 18. november 2009

Last day in Innsbruck

Today we woke up to poring rain and thought yeah we are not riding today, but Sani came and picked me up so I went riding anyway and I am glad I did. Cause today we where riding with all the Buron reps from all over europe testing out the new boards for 2011, and I figured out what boards I am gonna ride and I am stoked. Cause before I never tested boards, I just got the same as I had the year before. And also on the mountain it was not raining but snowing bigtime, and after a couple hours it cleared up and we got some pretty good turns in some fresh snow:) then down, got changed slept on the plane to vienna where I was supose to only have 30 mins, but now the flight got delayed so now I got time to write.

Flying home at 9 pm and then tomorrow I will go to Vierli for the Swag Maxit slopestyle :)

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