mandag 25. januar 2010

Sex, Kill and Videotape

Be sure to check out our friends' HILARIOUS movie, Sex, Kill and Videotape.
About the battle of the team gnar and team sexkill, skating, everything and nothing!

can't post the video here because of Vimeo plus copyrights, but go to this link to watch the show!!

Back in Breck

Yesterday was one of the longest day of my life, not only traveling around half the world (by myself) but also delays here and there and almost no sleep. When i finally got to Breck after almost 30 hours of traveling i got in to the appartment and there was..... wait for it...... ULRIK!! haha. I didn't even know he was gonna be here so that was a nice suprise.

Today we went riding in Breckenridge, bluebird, wind storm, peak 8 closed. But it opened and it turned out to be a pretty fun day! The next two days is gonna be a bit grey with some snow, but on friday it's supposed to be sunny, i really hope so, cause i really wanna hit the big jumps in the freeway park!!


onsdag 20. januar 2010

Guest appearance

Here is a an episode of Josh's "A day in the life" with a little guest appearance by me, be sure to check it out::::

No internet SUCKS....

I am sorry you guys, my internet hasnt really been working these past days, and before that i was a tiny bit lazy.. but how ever.. not i am gonna tell you who WON the SCULLCANDY HEADPHONES..

that is comment NR: 5 Lars hafsal, 34 Kristoffer Øiseth and 44 Teresa Mayerhofer.. pictures will come of how i picked the winners..

torsdag 14. januar 2010


so today was semifinals pipe, so i had the slopestyle course to myself.. me and grilo did a game of S.U.C.K for the camp of champions and it got gnarly.. we only got one letter each so we need to finish it on saturday.. but The King Of Slovenia aint got shit on me,... hehe

tirsdag 12. januar 2010

Laax crusing

Today it was qualifying day for everyone who got through the pre-qualifiers on sunday.
I am not pissed off anymore cause i didn't get through and i am enjoying my sunny days here at Laax. Great slopes, great back country with amazing terrain, lots of bumps and small cliffs, perfect for playing and messing around!!
The level on the slopestyle competition is pretty good now. A lot of Norwegians and other buddies were shook off the tree today and Sondre Tiller, Gjermund Braaten and Trym Nordgaard put their runs down and made it through for the semi's tomorrow and will meet Kimmi, Grilo and the other big names!
I'm having a good time watching the guys and amping them up! So far the weather has been unbelieveable, hope it stays this way the whole stay.

søndag 10. januar 2010

you can still win

there is not to many days left, but go further down on the site and sign up for the scullcandy headphones or press this link...

G10 skills at Laax

so today i just went up with my g10 and got some sick shots.. check it out..

sick view


hot chick

girls pipe, winner is 9 years old..

guys pipe..

just random

pic of Linn and Louie.. haha

a cow!!

Grilo as a coach

some new shades.. they are the shit right now!

EURO Open..

here in laax right now at the BEO.. just got checked in and today there is no riding.. so looks like me and chris are gonna hit the gym and get buff.. haha

lørdag 9. januar 2010

I Ride For Kevin Pearce!

Aswell as alot of riders these days, i want to give my prayers to my Friend Kevin Pearce and for him to recover quick and healthy, so he can hang out and ride with us again soon..

everyone should do this..

Burton European open next stop..

next now is laax and the burton european open.. and i am stoked for that and hopefully i will do better then i did in this contest.. here is Grilo Stomping his winning run..

Grilo the king of Slovenia

Marko Grilc shows us again that he can do it.. and won the slopestyle of oneill evolution.. with a 50-50 to a double backflip, bs double cork 10 to a 50-50 backflip of. so two jumps and 5 flips..
you dont see that everyday..

also we had some norwegians in the finals, Sondre Tiller as nr 5 was the best one, and gjermund tore, torgeir and ståle didnt get their runs down as they wanned to but still did a good contest..

fredag 8. januar 2010

Burton European Open 2010

Today I was in Laax, registrating og checking out the slopestyle course for the Burton European Open 2010.
Things looked really really good and an amazing course which suited me perfectly..

Started off with a flat down kink box with boxes on the side for creativity, followed by a pole-jam, a pipe on top of a mini quarter, a stairset with downbox/double kink rail, a regular frontside quarterpipe followed by three mellow kickers.

We had a lot of fun today and did about an hour of practice, pre-qual starts off for me on sunday and kimmi will ride the semi's on wednesday because he is invited.

Tomorrow is semi's and finals at the O'neill Evolution in Davos, don't forget to watch it at or



Today was pipe semi finals and finals,, i did the semi finals and lost a hundred euros to grilo:( he pulled out the nigga-flip and came in front of me.. but that happens..

Ståle, Roger, Freddy and per iver where the norwegians in the finals.. the finals didnt go to well. but alright.. i think freddy was the best norwegian qith a 9th place..

tomorrow its semi and finals for slopestyle so i will go and watch that and let you all know how it goes..

dont forget to try and win the headphones..

torsdag 7. januar 2010

Danny Davis next level shit

Be sure to check out Danny Davis' winning run from the second grand prix stop in Mammoth. Groundbreaking. The best pipe run ever put down??

Slope Qualification!

Slope went pretty bad for me.. tha light got pretty flat for the second heat and i hadn´t done enough traning.. but Joachim got thru the light and stomped a run that gave him a spot for the Semi finals on saturday.. also from heat 1, sondre tiller, torgeir bergrem and gjermund braaten made the cut..

more updates will come and also some vid from the semis if the weather is ok.. hehe

also thanks for all the comments on the scullcandy contest, we will pick out the winners on the 16th of JAN..

later K

onsdag 6. januar 2010

Follow us on the qualification tomorrow

Me and Kimmi are riding the qualifiers thursday at 13:00 and you can follow our scores and everyone else here:

Stay tuned.



Now finally this contest is gonna show up.. and there is a pretty sweet price to get, i will give out 3 scullcandy headphones..the once on the pic.. and since i am kinda stealing this trick from grilo, also after you leave your coment go to to win something there aswell

the rules are simple, you just leave your Name and email in the comment field and i will choose 3 winners, with picking out random numbers depending how many leave a comment, and please tell all your friends so more people join. i know your chances gets smaller then but more people commenting more Prices will be given out..

unfortunally you have to live in EUROPE to win..

Slopestyle course at O'neill in Davos

This is our third (!!) practice day for the O'neill Evolution here in Davos, Switzerland..
The course is fun and creative, but still it is a bit hard to get used to.

The line starts off with a tube-pipe-ish rail with sidekickers, followed by a jump on about 12m then the main jump which is approximately a 20m table jump. On the bottom section you can choose between a downrail, uprail or a regular backside corner. So the course is creative and it will be exciting to ride the qualifiers tomorrow. Both me and Kimmi are in the 2nd heat, so we aren't gonna ride until 13:00 tomorrow.. which i think is a good thing hehe.

Tune back in to for more updates as the contest goes on.



Til alle som bor i norge finalene i pipe og slopestyle går på NRK.

fredag, pipe nrk 1: 1545 hvor fårhåpoentlig hvis fredrik austbø og roger kleivdal er å se.

og Lørdag slopestyle 1745 på nrk2 å der er forhåpentlighvis jeg og joachim og mange andre normenn som stiller.. så dette må dere se:)
Today was an alright day.. the slope wasnt any better but i got some runs in.. and i got a new car.. haha

but besides that my knee is pretty sore so i have just been chilling most, just gettin used to the jumps for the comp but not really pushin it.. so we will have to see. there was also pipe quals today, Freddy, Roger and Per Iver are the norwegian guys that made it to the semi finals, but since i am invited i am straght in semi even though i dont ride pipe that much anymore, but i think it will be fun anyway..

this was today, i think i am compeeting slope tomorrow so wish me luck..

tirsdag 5. januar 2010

Today i was training for the slope and then the girls had their contest,, Kjersti was the only norwegian, she qualified 2nd but ended on 4th when she didnt land her best run. but still good..

the swiss girl pesco got third, and jugo Cilka got 2nd and ursina haller on first, good job girls..

kjersti with the champagne

all the finalists gets champagne:)

mandag 4. januar 2010

oneill and meeting!

Just got in to Davos in switzerland for the oneill evolution and i am pretty stoked, the setup looks pretty good.. just got back from a little trip with grilo to take this shot..
tomorrow is training and then the competition is some of the other days and i think the finals is on TV on saturday, so check what channel sends it in your country..

also wanned to mention that i had a meeting with the Boss from SWAG and looks like we are gonna get this website even better with new disign, finally some contests, live video from our phones and new go pro cameras so we can film more snowboarding.. there will also be a swag tv on the swag website that we have to do episodes for.. so there will be alot more blogging in the future, and with videos that are way more fun for all you guys..

this should be up and running in a month or so..

more updates from the contest will be coming up, hopefully everyday, and there is also Burton European open after this..

later K