mandag 4. januar 2010

oneill and meeting!

Just got in to Davos in switzerland for the oneill evolution and i am pretty stoked, the setup looks pretty good.. just got back from a little trip with grilo to take this shot..
tomorrow is training and then the competition is some of the other days and i think the finals is on TV on saturday, so check what channel sends it in your country..

also wanned to mention that i had a meeting with the Boss from SWAG and looks like we are gonna get this website even better with new disign, finally some contests, live video from our phones and new go pro cameras so we can film more snowboarding.. there will also be a swag tv on the swag website that we have to do episodes for.. so there will be alot more blogging in the future, and with videos that are way more fun for all you guys..

this should be up and running in a month or so..

more updates from the contest will be coming up, hopefully everyday, and there is also Burton European open after this..

later K

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