tirsdag 12. januar 2010

Laax crusing

Today it was qualifying day for everyone who got through the pre-qualifiers on sunday.
I am not pissed off anymore cause i didn't get through and i am enjoying my sunny days here at Laax. Great slopes, great back country with amazing terrain, lots of bumps and small cliffs, perfect for playing and messing around!!
The level on the slopestyle competition is pretty good now. A lot of Norwegians and other buddies were shook off the tree today and Sondre Tiller, Gjermund Braaten and Trym Nordgaard put their runs down and made it through for the semi's tomorrow and will meet Kimmi, Grilo and the other big names!
I'm having a good time watching the guys and amping them up! So far the weather has been unbelieveable, hope it stays this way the whole stay.

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