mandag 26. oktober 2009

Austria again!

After my last trip to austria and hintertux i went home for a week, Hung out with my friends and family, partyed a little and went to the gym. Then i talked to Cyril and he said come back to Austria. so i came.

Landed in Munich Airport and there i found a wall that i know Jørgen would kill to have at his bedroom.. yes a BWM front wall.

then at the trainstation i had to wait for my train so i figured i´ll try and get a nice picture of the tracks. and i was almost in Jenbach where i was gonna get picked up.

I went riding in Hintertux for two days and then i came to innsbruck for another two days to do a lifestyle shoot and have fun and also an interview. after the shoot I took, Hasi, Linn, Gril, MU, Hitch and Andro out for dinner, and since i was paying MU got the whole menu, hehe. anyway it was an amazing dinner with alot of fun I even ended up drawing the whole World, or atleas i tried to.

here is cyril in shoot mode

and grilo in Model mode

and MU, well i dont know what mode this is...

after the two days in innsbruck i went back to hintertux to just find shit weather for two days, so i decided to go to stubai for saturday night and sunday cause it was supose to be good up there and it was, super fun park and it was also Nina´s B-day so it was a party on saturday too, with drunken Masters playing all night..

now its time for hotel breakfest and a flight back home to Norway before i have to go to London on thursday..

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