torsdag 8. oktober 2009

Good week...

This last week in Innsbruck and Hintertux has been pretty awsome..

it started of with the Burton premiere witch I bet all of you have read about already, and I also gotta learn to take pics like that for the premiere in Oslo tomorrow.. witch everyone should attend.
anyway, after the premiere I got picked up at the hotell to go to Hintertux and meet up with Chris and Grilo, and on the way we got stopped on the road of all these people taking there cows down from the mountain, it´s this tradition up here, and they dress up the cows and follow them down the streets form the mountains for winter and then they all go and get Hammered..
and this is what the cows look like!!!

After seeing the cows and finally getting to hintertux we got to the hotell I mentioned we stayed there for two nights, and guess what.. Up in the mountains of austria i ran into my good friend Jossi from New Zealand.. small world.
but back to the story of my week, so we shredded for a couple days, then Grilo had mad shit to do back home in slovenia and Chris wanned back to stockholm to chill before Freestyle Berlin witch is this weekend. So I took the train back to Innsbruck and when i got there i was so stoked cause i was sitting outside the trainstation waiting for the bus to the Burton office and it was 25 degrees hot and these two homeless dudes where playin there guitar and singing while everyone walking to and from school, work or just walking around innsbruck where super happy, It´s good to see people still enjoing the last bit of summer. untill the police came and thru the homeless guys away and ruined the good tention for everyone. But then my bus came anyway so I took it ofer to the burton office where everyone was having cake casue it was Hasi´s birthday on sunday. i chlled there for a little then me and Cyril went to the skatepark and met up with Sani for a little session then Sani took me home to his place where i stayed for the week..

burton office!
after dinner and a guitar hero session I found out MU ( Maurer) where coming in to town, so he came and picked me up for riding in teh morning the next days up in hintertux, where i met Botner, Evensen and alot of other buddies and we all just shredded in the super warm weather and had a good time..

27..... i am so not looking forward for Norway witch is the minus side already..
anyway, the coolest thing this week was wednesday night, Sani and his friends took me to this super sick bar where Surfaholics where playing, and it was a really good consert, I never heard of the band before but it was sick live. and then we stayed there for some drinks before we moved on to the next place..

the band
and yeah moving on, we went to this other bar witch was packed of people witch i didnt really expect, but i enjoied it.. so we all hung there for a while and had some more drinks, got a little bit drunk and when the lights came on at two and the bar was closing i was expecting a walk home, but NO.. offcourse there was more bars, and as i learned, in Innsbruck you can party 24/7 all year, cause they have a bar everyone goes to for each day of the week and some of them are open to noon the next day.. pretty crazy, but anyway we went downstairs to this club and on a wednesday night when people got work and school the next day, and i was a huge club filled with people partying, dancing, drinking, making out and just having a great time. so we found some of Sani´s friends who decided to buy two bottles of vodka so you can all guess how it turned out..

but the coolest thing all night was this:

the toilet!

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