søndag 4. oktober 2009

Innsbruck and Hintertux...

On friday the premiere of the burton movie at a place called MAX in Innsbruck. there was me, Grilo, Chris, Freddy, Sani and Hasi, Cyril and the rest of the people working for Burton Europe, we all went to this Pizza place for dinner at 8 and then we walked over to the place where the party was gonna be..

it took a while for it to fill up since it could easy take a couploe thousand people, but close to 01.00 it was alot of people.. before the movie started John had this outfit(pic) and introduced us all with asking us a few question witch i think everyone thought was pretty akward, but worst for chris, cause when he was introduced the whole crowed was yelling SANI, SANI, SANI.. hehe

john in a Burton racing outfit..

Hasi was showing how strong he is after dinner by lifting this chair the hard way,
and i must say i was pretty impressed, Grilo and Chris had no chance on getting it up.

and then Chris is showing of his G10 skills with taking photos like this one of Grilo.
so i gotta learn how to do that..

When we thru out free stuff the whole place went crazy, as you can see they
will do anythin for a t-shirt, love the energy.

Chris showing off his boxerless style..

chillin with a drink befor i went to the party..

and then i am partying..

Lexi was around so she joined the party..

after the party I woke up a little hungover, met up with cyril and his Girl and they took
me up to Hintertux where i met up with Grilo and Chris..
and our friend Werni, his family has a hotel up here so he hooked us up at the hotel. this place is super nice with good dinner, gym, hot tubs, sauna and a swimming pool..
Today we went up Hintertux and after we where chilling in the sun before we took the gondola down..

now i am chilling and trying to figure out what todo for the rest of this trip since grilo and Chris are leaving tomorrow..

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