torsdag 3. desember 2009

Game of "BØØST LIFE"

Just the other day the Bøøst crew (Kim, Ulrik and me) were in Breckenridge right when the lifts opened to shred and have a good time. On our way up in the lift we came up with a game called "The game of BØØST LIFE", a legit rip off of the game of S.K.A.T.E with some modified rules.

Each round of BØØST LIFE consists of a railpart and a jump part. The first rider comes up with a jump line (for an example fs 360 melon, bs 540 nose, cab 540 mute) and then all participating riders drops in, trying to complete the decided line, and if something is not done right, like handdrag, revert, missed/wrong grab the dude gets smacked with a letter BOOM! You're now "B" sucker. The rider that came up with the line can of course also get a letter.

One can only get ONE letter per line and if you miss your grab on the first jump, it doesn't matter if you stick your last tricks like crazy, you will still get a letter.

Same with the rail line, if you miss out on one of the tricks you'll get a letter.
In the end when one rider reaches all letters BØØST LIFE, rider is out and then one with the fewest letters is crowned the prestigous, respected and epic winner of the game of BØØST LIFE.

We had insane much fun coming up with this game and we all learned a bunch of new tricks and grabs that we've never done before. Awesome day in Breckenridge and the birth of an epic game that will last longer than the universe, a new era has begun and it's all bøøøøøøøst.

Try out the game with your friends, the Bøøst crew garantee you a good time riding!


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