onsdag 23. desember 2009


hey.. its christmas time and i am back in Norway.. dew tour ended with none of us in the finals, but Torstein got 4h amd Mikkel got 9th.. so i am stoked for them.. also Roger and freddy did pretty good in pipe, and congrats to Roger who got down his first double cork cab 10 in a contest..

Today its the 24th and we all know what that means.. Presents for the Norwegians and none for the people who opens them tomorrow morning.. hehe, i am going to my cabin in trysil to chill with the fam, meet up with Botner, mats Joachim and everyone, i heard my friend Maruis witch is in charge of the park there now that its really good.. so im looking forward to shred with my buddies,

I also got a go from scullcandy with winnings so we are gonna have some contests here now where you can win scullcandy headsphones.. so keep checking and it will be coming up soon..

have a great christmas everyone..
later kimmi

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